Just after World War II, it seemed that people began to see something strange in the skies all across the world. From the summer of 1947, we officially entered the age of the UFOs.

Over the next twenty years, sightings and encounters were reported across the enire world, people claimed to have spoken with aliens with important messages, strange creatures interacted with humans and animals and it seemed nothing was too strange to be investigated.

In his new book, “The Flying Saucer Investigators”, author Charles Lear takes us on a journey in to the strange, unusual and sometimes frankly absurd world of UFOlogy in those post war years.

From alien metals investigated by Kenneth Arnold, to the birth of the infamous Philadephia Experiment, Men In Black and even dog loving aliens, it seemed these new investigators had to deal with anything thrown at the them!

A big thank you to Charles for a fabulous conversation.

His book can be found here:

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