Sex magick researcher and all around paraweirdo Stephanie Quick introduces us to the basics of establishing spicy relationships with the living, dead, undead and otherwise discarnate! 

Erotic encounters with otherworldly entities have been a staple of folklore for millennia, and today Steph informs us of their significance in shamanic initiation and transference of forbidden knowledge. 

As this process is oftentimes very… problematic, I quickly chicken out and deviate to more fun topics: tantric pooping, synchronistic dirty messages and UFOs which emerge out of cosmic buttholes! Steph inserts more sex magick philosophy whenever she can. Sexual energy is everywhere and we just can’t escape it!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Stephanie Quick for sacrificing all of her credibility into manifesting this spicy episode with me 🧡

Check out her Twitter @WanderinBritchz

If you are tired of reading smutty fan fiction, why not check out Steph’s blog! Here you can read spicy literature which may potentially teach you how to manifest your own otherworldly lover:

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