Ghostgirl (formerly Horsegirl) Kat returns to share her personal experiences: A ghost encounter, potential psychokinetic powers, a phantom hatman, exploding head syndrome and even a Bigfoot sighting at a ski resort! 

Along the way we try to piece together the meaning behind these events and deviate into discussions about… horses! Horse mediumship, empathic connections with horses, horse whispering and horses as carriers of souls! 

Well, we also talk about a lot of other paranormal shenanigans. Even though Kat is a skeptic, her thrill seeking nature drives her to participate in ghost tours and embrace the fun of keeping an open mind! I also slip in the Philip Experiment story as Kat is Canadian, eh!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Katrina for sharing her personal experiences and openly brainstorming possible explanations!

I am also sending this heart to Pippin, such a cute boy ❤️ Please stop rashing all over, Kat cannot stand the itch!

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