UFO Bigfoot snuggles with me in bed to discuss awesome paranormal books, the Bigfoot/UFO connection, Bigfoot as an egregore and a plethora of connections between the Fae and other liminal entities! 

He is a bit shy at first snuggling in bed with a stranger, but eventually opens up to share his own personal experiences: a childhood ghost encounter, the sighting of a light orb splitting into 12 pieces, and a shamanic initiation under the influence of 90s acid!

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t use drugs! They are bad for you, and will make you do horrible things. Like snuggling in bed with me and discussing the voluptuous bosom of Patty the Sasquatch! UFO Bigfoot did it so you don’t have to!


Huge THANK YOU!!! to UFO Bigfoot from Dark Notes Podcast for reading me weird ass bedtime stories which kept me awake until 6 AM! Or was it the fact I heard him share he thinks Patty is pretty hot? 😱

Go snuggle with him too, by checking his show Dark Notes Podcast

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Intro sampled from “Something strange lurks in the shadows” by Francisco Sánchez (@fanchisanchez)

Sound effects obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com

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