In a social media world filled with angry tweets and morons in need of disclosure, retired experiencer of alien fuckuppery, and blabbermouth: Jeremy Vaeni, received an invitation to a foreign podcaster’s playground named… Tracing Owls! 

Little did he know… it is the same type of trainwreck satire shtick… he’s been recycling all of his life!

I am barely proud to present my biggest guest till now: Jeremy Vaeni! Creator and co-host of my favorite paranormal podcast Paratopia, writer of many books I’ve never heard of with convoluted titles, and all-around funny guy who knows how to take a joke. As an alien abductee, Jeremy openly advocates on why aliens are not real, and how hypnosis is bullshit! 

Shunned by the mainstream UFO community, he found refuge guesting on the show of a random Bosnian dude with zero listenership, discussing Kundalini meditation, universal consciousness, losing one’s self (and virginity), the seedy underbelly of alien abduction research, and other American crap no Bosnian should ever be exposed to!


For details on the Emma Woods story, I urge you to listen directly from Emma in this amazing and monumental interview Emma Woods and Jack Brewer – UFO Classified – YouTube

Support Emma by reading her ACTUAL experiences via her books! You can find them on Amazon, or at


Huge THANK YOU!!! to Jeremy Vaeni for being a good sport, tolerating my shitty jokes and hanging out with me for over 3 hours! The Jay has taught me so many things I will be pondering over for a whole week.

If you wish to decipher his new theories, and explain them to me, check out his new book Aliens: The First and Final Disclosure

Check out his website as well at where you can listen to all his current and past podcasts, and go check Paratopia out, it is amazing!

If you feel like reading his ramblings, check out his blog


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