Note: I’m doing a working that’s involving writing poems. You can read more of what I’ve worked by clicking the poetry tag. There are two things (technically 3) encoded in these poems, which I will reveal at the end of the working; if all goes well, I should put out three poems a day for the next week or so. If you think you’ve figured it out, DM me on Twitter and I’ll confirm if you’re right. Anyway on to more of my little poems.


Take heed! For after the battle

Has been fought, And

The wounds and ravages of war

Healed, all will get their due. Are

You facing that which my

Scales alone know? Have minions

Been set out, doing

That which you will not? My

Scales will see; trust that it will

Be better to live in honesty, as

A scoundrel, than try to fool the divine.


People often question why I

Chose to hang myself here. I am:

Seeking some respite from turbulent thoughts;

Waiting until the sea of my mind is calmer;

Gaining clarity on what I am in search of.

I see that should I act on mine own passions,

I will gain trinkets and sacrifice peace.

I shall give up a lot but peace is

Hard to come by, and a

Little peace is a nursling

That can yield the greatest of

Fruits. They shall be mine.


I am the only certainty in life. Speak

Of me, not at your peril, but to

Bring forth the next thing. You and me,

We can be the best allies, me gently

Pushing you forward to a better day. Or

I can steal your dreams and make you curse.

The choice here is yours; it is not up to me.

There are some who foolishly seek

To delay or subvert or even fully end me.

They cower in the face of uncertain or

Even just different times. They try to fly

Or run or hide themselves from

My icy gaze. But they cannot escape my


Nick the Melaninated Magician


Nick AKA The Melaninated Magickian (They/Them) is a Thelemite and explorer of existence. They write observations about High Strangeness, Occultisms, and how those things intersect with race, gender, disability, and other social identities on their blog and on Twitter. In their normie work, they are a professional DEI practitioner, avid film watcher, and home cook.