Note: I’m doing a working that’s involving writing poems. You can read more of what I’ve worked by clicking the poetry tag. There are two things (technically 3) encoded in these poems, which I will reveal at the end of the working; if all goes well, I should put out three poems a day for the next week or so. If you think you’ve figured it out, DM me on Twitter and I’ll confirm if you’re right. Anyway on to more of my little poems.


It’s not right to say that I

Am locked in a battle, but that I cure

The wilderness lurking within the

Beast. Its roars and snarls hide tears,

Tears of longing to be set free, of

Unconcious suffering. I take hold of the

Maw of my patient, and feel his heartsick

It does not resist, yet I am filled with dread when

His teeth come into full view. My task, I 

Suppose, is to tame the untameable. I come

To understand my target is more near

Than this beast. With each I tame, they

Teach me the way that I shall

Still my nerves and make my true self sing.


Gnosis is my lantern, a bright white

Light leading me in the abyss. Are

These days spent in solitude my

Penance, or are my hands

On the wheel driving to Babalon. As

I work my way forward, I see the

Exit to my solitude, adorned in snowdrops.

But it is in the distance and I am still draped in the swart

Silk of darkness. Many still are

The days left in my trip, my

Weary but wizened fingers

Hiding knowing as

Fossils in clay.


Four guardians emerge from dark,

Each one a piece of the grand play that is

Existence. They guide your and my

Future, but don’t determine it. To frown

At their moves is as foolish as

Spitting in the rain or shouting at the

Wind. Just as midnight,

Despite how ill or fair

It is found, will always come, so to is

The turn of fates inevitable. If it is not to my

Liking, it hardly raises even a brow

For them. And if I see their moves as

A boon, it also matters not, as the

Wheel of Fortune will turn another day.

Nick the Melaninated Magician


Nick AKA The Melaninated Magickian (They/Them) is a Thelemite and explorer of existence. They write observations about High Strangeness, Occultisms, and how those things intersect with race, gender, disability, and other social identities on their blog and on Twitter. In their normie work, they are a professional DEI practitioner, avid film watcher, and home cook.