Note: I’m doing a working that’s involving writing poems. There are two things encoded in these poems, which I will reveal at the end of the working; if all goes well, I should put out the last of these on September 4. If you think you’ve figured it out, DM me on Twitter and I’ll confirm if you’re right. Anyway on to my little poems.


I know not where I go or what

I aim to do, or what happens

Along the way. But to 

Dare take a 

Chance blindly forward as if in a dream, 

All fear and doubt deferred,

With my best good friend, does 

Thrill me. I couldn’t think it, 

The risk that my luck should dry 

Because I only look up.


The world bends to me, like

Willows in the wind. Every challenge a

Grape, begging to become a raisin

And I am the Sun. I only need look within

And assert my power. Our charge, as with the

The Earth, so too the Sun, 

Creating perfect sympathies, or

Uniting this world and the next. Should doubts fester

In my spirit and I do not take control, like

Icarus I shall come crashing down, a

Bit worse for wear and my body sore.

Nick the Melaninated Magician


Nick AKA The Melaninated Magickian (They/Them) is a Thelemite and explorer of existence. They write observations about High Strangeness, Occultisms, and how those things intersect with race, gender, disability, and other social identities on their blog and on Twitter. In their normie work, they are a professional DEI practitioner, avid film watcher, and home cook.