This week I welcome back Ufologist and author Preston Dennett to cover two of his more recent books and both offer us some amazing encounters.

In the first half of the show, we dive into covering some incredible first hand witness accounts from across North America by people visiting their local drive in theatres including one of the most famous ufologists of the last 30 years.

In the second half Preston tells us some of the 300 accounts of people who were healed from a variety of ailments by visitors not of this world. From cuts, colds and kidney stones to blood clots, kidney failure and potentially life threatening situations, it seems nothing is beyond their assistance.

A big thank you to Preston for joining me this week.

His site is here:

UFO’s At The Drive In can be found here:

The Healing Power Of UFOs can be found here: 

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All artwork by Dean Bestall and the show was produced by Brennan Storr of the Ghost Story Guys.   

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