This morning the dream was about driving in reverse…

School was closed and I couldn’t get in.

I felt compelled to write this morning after the driving dream because the act of parking a car has turned up multiple times in dreams over the past three years.

The Drive
No turning back
Getting inside a place of learning is a recurring theme – I’ve been trying to access the Library even though there have been visits to the bookstore in my dreams. 
Some “knowledge” inside the school isn’t available to me, this dream is a variation of others. I keep coming back to the same situation – even the security guard scenario, where I am prevented from entering or escorted around. Am I trying to access a “forbidden” area of the universal consciousness?

While I may have been prompted to drive backwards by watching “Tenet” earlier in the week (There is a scene where “The Protagonist” has to drive backwards in time to escape) this is only the second time I find myself behind the wheel in a dream, usually someone else is driving and I will just spectate.

Sator Square by me after the Internet

After watching the movie, I didn’t realize that elements of it were based on the SATOR square – A mysterious ancient Roman carving I only found out about after seeing it posted on Twitter without explanation a year or two ago. My esoteric knowledge is a bit shabby and I am constantly learning something new every day. 

My dream knowledge is increasing with every twist and turn, but there are dark passages and doors forbidden to me in my Lucid state; I haven’t quite gotten a handle on making things happen – I just know they happen because the future is like a memory, one that I am trying to access without permission.

Oh and by the way… Welcome to the new blog!
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