On this episode Rory take the crew on a spiritual journey. In our first deep dive into the more “magical” side of the phenomenon we explore author Jenny Tyson’s “Spiritual Alchemy: Scrying, Spirit Communication, and Alchemical Wisdom”. We talk about the morality of choosing Gods outside of our culture and if the God’s would even care; we talk about shadows, thought forms, and so much more! Come take a walk with us as we journey deeper into the midnight roads…

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Theme song by Matt Wixson 
Noctivagant Voice by Mike McGettigan
Art by Nichelle Denzel  

*The views and opinions expressed by guests/books that appear on this show belong to those guests and/or authors, and may not reflect the views and opinions of the Noctivagant crew.*

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A podcast about the strange, paranormal, otherworldly, and the people who write books about it.