We’re back again! We started this week’s episode with some life updates, celebrated that it is finally spring, and talked about our plants!

Sam returned with yet another cult, because why not? This one is not only run by a certain musician and method actor, it has archery, yoga, and even matching tattoos! We talked about what the cult consists of, the history behind it, and how it’s taking advantage of mostly young white women. Welcome to Mars Island! Dreams! Happiness tears! It is the family!

This episode also included an important conversation about celebrities. We discussed how they’re seen and treated by normal people as well as who should actually be “cancelled”.

For Meducation this week, Sage told us about some cool vaporizers and devices including the Mids Clock ™. There were also some PSA’s about burning yourself and not sticking your fingers in food processors…

Thanks so much for listening!

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A non-binary/queer witch, frying your brain like an egg, one episode at a time.

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Blogger and half of the Your Brain On Weird podcast. Lifelong weirdo and lover of nature, magic, and art. Sharing house and green witchcraft with a focus on creating safe spaces for home and community.