In 1968 Gordon Creighton of Flying Saucer Review received a rather angry letter from a man named F.D. Marrow of Flemington, New Jersey. Marrow, a Klass apologist, was concerned that he was doing a disservice to UFO research by comparing UFOs and ghostly phenomenon. “On this basis UFOs will never communicate with the authorities or the average man, and we will have to depend on mediums, and others with so-called psychic insight for information – and of course such reports can never be substantiated.”

As a response, in the September/October 1968 edition of Flying Saucer Review, Creighton published an article called “Strangers About the House” which detailed ghostly encounters with human resembling beings wearing space suits and appearing like TV images.

Mediums contacting beings from “other worlds” was nothing new, and in fact, noted medium Vesta La Viesta did so in the 1800s. By the mid to late 1960s, new theories crept into mainstream UFO research, suggesting that these craft may not even be physical, but from dimensions unseen to the human eye.

I’m joined by paranormal investigator Amanda Paulson, who has been investigating the paranormal for over 14 years, and is the star of the upcoming documentary, Death is With Me to discuss when UFOs and ghostly phenomenon cross the streams.

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Rob Kristoffersen is an amateur UFO researcher from the Adirondacks of Northern New York. He is the host of the podcast, Our Strange Skies: UFOs Throughout History.