“The fall of 1973 saw one of the largest and most concentrated waves of UFO reports in history… But the strangest reports from 1973 were of humanoid entities often seen in association with UFOs. I recorded 70 reports of this type during the 5 months from August through December, 1973. Of these, 55 took place in the continental United States, 36 in October and seven on a single day, October 17, with two more occurring on the night of October 16.”

Thus begins David Webb’s infamous report, 1973 – The Year of the Humanoids. David Webb had been collecting reports of humanoids for years, compiling them into the Humanoid Catalog or HUMCAT. And for this episode I drew heavily from both the report and the HUMCAT to bring you an insane, overstuffed episode featuring some of the wildest humanoid reports in all of ufology.

In Draugignan, France four men had a terrifying encounter with tall beings and a pair of red luminous legs. In Albany, Ohio Mary Geddis returned to find a floating specter hovering above her driveway. Later that night, a short figure peeked in from an open door. In Goffstown, New Hampshire, residents saw a number of strange beings in an around the town, and in the south, there was more of the same.

Spencer Wirth-Davis (Finding Quantum Quest & The What If? Podcast) joins me to dive into the infamous David Webb Report.

Additional Sources:The George Kowalcyzk Incident, October 25, 1973 (Bigfoots, UFOs, and a possession?!)The George Kowalcyzk Incident Our Strange Skies Episode (“Where Phenomenon Converge: The Bulletproof Bigfoot, a UFO, and Paranormal Possession”)The Little Electric Man of Albany, OHThe Lyndia Morel, Goffstown EncounterThe Vilvoorde HumanoidThe Draugignan, France Mountain Incident (RED SPECTRAL LEGS)

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Rob Kristoffersen is an amateur UFO researcher from the Adirondacks of Northern New York. He is the host of the podcast, Our Strange Skies: UFOs Throughout History.