We were finally in good moods this week since we’re getting closer to spring! Besides being tired… We may have drank a few more beers than usual last weekend.

This week Sage picked a Hot Topic. Not the store – we actually talked about some really wonderful Ukrainian folk tales. Sage gave us a summary of a few of the most popular, mostly related to nature, with some trickster elements thrown in. Click the link below to read the full blog post and find links to the original folktales!

For Meducation this week, Sam talked about germination and how seeds become plants! They gave us some tips for starting your weed plants as we get towards having warm weather. We’re looking forward to having plants of our own this season and in the near future!

We also got very excited about some new additions to our Patreon benefits and new merch available on our store. Check out our website for more info.

Thanks for listening! 


Link for the folk tales here: https://multicoloreddiary.blogspot.com/2022/03/the-most-beautiful-folktales-from.html

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