Alien in Disguise as Groucho Marx by AP Strange

In a heartening development, there’s been a spate of discussions on humor in the paraweird.

I don’t have much to say here that is not said better and more entertainingly in the podcast episodes I’m linking in this post. I will only emphasize that laughter is the best medicine in the magical sense – it potentiates psi while guarding against fear, the morose, alienation, and taking yourself too seriously.

AP Strange and I had been working on a show to record on Project Archivist for a couple of months and as soon as the show was wrapped and published shows on the same topic popped up from Conspirinormal and Me & Paranormal You. All three shows are worth a follow and full of expansive archives if you are in a binging mood.

AP and I would like to express our thanks to Loyd Auerbach and John Tenney for their generosity in discussing humor and performance with us in preparation for our show. Loyd Auerbach has periodic Q&A sessions on Facebook, very interesting with great questions from his students, with archives at link.

Steve Berg on Fortean Comedy and Weird Nebraska – LISTEN AT LINK:

Humor and the Paraweird with AP Strange on Project Archivist – LISTEN AT LINK:

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