Month: January 2022

YBOW68: Things That Go ”Cluck” In The Night

We’re baaaaack! Thanks for your patience while we took an unexpected hiatus! We started this episode with some personal life updates and some PSA’s about the ongoing pandemic.
Sage then told us the hilarious and pun-filled story of the ghostly chicken and Sir Francis Bacon. It’s probably not exactly what you would expect. But some great scientific discoveries were made and incredible poems were written as a result. Once again, we highly speculate why this strange haunting occurred and why the sightings eventually stopped.
No Meducation this time around, although we did discuss Sam’s meds for ADHD and how they’ve helped in their everyday life.
Lastly, we talked about changes we’re making for the new year as well as new benefits for our Patrons! If you’d like to become a Patron, you can sign up at
Hydrate yourselves! Get vaccinated! Wear a mask (properly)! And smoke responsibly!

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