A last minute appearance on the Church of Mabus radio show resulted in a very wide ranging conversation. A summary follows but first –
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my previous COM appearances:
on the Afterlife of Pets
on High Strangeness and the Pandemic

Fart Storm Synchronicity; Humor in the Paranormal – Stephanie prepping for an upcoming show with Matt Hopewell and Roejen Razorwire on Project Archivist podcast; Gurdjieff and James Webb’s “The Harmonious Circle”; Astral vs. Physical Abduction – is it really a dichotomy?; Lucretia Heart from At Spiral’s End; Jacques Vallee’s Movie Projector metaphor; WHAM’s story of interference by unknown forces and how she effectively told them to FUCK OFF; the frank physicality of certain post-experience effects; Paula Gunn Allen’s “Pocahontas” and the relation of world changing times to abduction of charismatic, magical women; my own attempted abductions by predatory men; outsize emotions; Tui Snider’s attempted abduction in a cemetery and her initiation through the elements;  Eugenia Macer-Story – creepy sexually threatening events as prompts for life changes; Vallee’s idea of nonsense logic; WHAM and intrusive entities – how to set limits!; dealing with drunk and horny randos in sketchy areas; a creeepy sexually threatening event in Keel’s “The Mothman Prophecies”; window areas – it’s not just for paranormal weirdness, association with crime, child exploitation, serial killers; Peter Levenda’s “Sinister Forces” & his hypothesis that the Church of Mabus is a thought form vampirizing Jeffry’s energy; why are pigs so cute and wonderful but such bratty pains in the ass?; psionic porcine noise blasts; mom watches some pretty intense prison TV dramas; Loyd Auerbach and the Deadly Seriousness of cultivating a sense of humor when dealing with weird phenomena; the genius of David Lynch in this regard – humor and the absurd; those horrible death scenes you can’t watch again; Al Crowley vs. Dion Fortune – stirring shit up vs. calming shit down; NO YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE A GHOST; ASTONISHING LESBIANS!; Astonishing Legends episode 221 “the True Story Behind the Exorcist” -panic and terror in psi encounters; Whitley Strieber’s hypererotic mantid encounters; drama in the paraweird world – is it helpful? (nope); remembering Jeff Ritzmann and the intrinsic difficulties of some people’s relationship to the paranormal; Hobby Drama is Inescapable!; People Will Crab About Anything!; Eugenia’s possible autism, high sex drive, guilelessness and how that affected her relationships, art & how she understood her paraweird experiences; her passions are intellectual and aesthetic;  the Perceptions_Today twitter community for intellectual discussion of consciousness with lower drama levels; idea-driven vs. personality-drive conversation; WHAM reports on ongoing investigation into audio and video recordings of voices and figures from CCTV at an active location being analyzed by a professional sound engineer; instances where the human percipient cannot see or hear things picked up by technology; Colin Wilson’s “POLTERGEIST!”; birding and the limitations of human hearing; ruby crowned kinglet!; an orb visible on FLIR but not visible to humans causes a plant to begin vibrating and the presence of a little person is suspected due to WHAM’s learning from a Micmac teacher; the inherent uncanniness of many psi encounters as a pure limbic response; strange shooting stars; an HVAC man shows up bearing a book by Dean Radin; you would think reptilian bases would have psychic shields against people trying to remote view them from dentist’s offices; The Holy Trinity!; at least no one farted on air -WAIT no that’s just a duck call!!

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