An unclaimed parrot
enunciates “enunciate”
and elucerates an anthem
passed on to him by KS
just before he died

A shining sun
floats above the wind
“heavy things can float
it’s a matter of faith,”
says the unclaimed parrot

A smallish children
with eyes like bees
pollinating all he sees
sees the unclaimed parrot
“This parrot is mine.”

A children’s parrot
can’t express the sadness
at having to mold
a mind as shallow
as the bee-eyed children

Eighty years have passed
A parrot claimed and unclaimed
living on through loss
no teeth to lose
enunciates “enunciate”

A melody on a breeze
under still floating sun
that sighs a sigh
looses magnetic hands
into the wind

An undying parrot
Commiserates with a drunk
who used to be a children
with bee eyes
but grew old

An olden drunk
with eyes no longer winged
stares at rows of bottles
lined up gleaming
whistles with wet lips

the words forgotten
of a dead man’s anthem
he never understood
what the words meant
until he’d lost them

An unlucky parrot
stares eagerly at the man
whispers to the wind
“I am unclaimed,
I stay unclaimed.”

A curious bartender
rubbing ashes from the air
overhears the whisper
but cannot credit the bird
perched in the window

Parrot’s eyes meet the man’s
say clearly
“I am old,
I will outlive you,
believe what you will.”

An unclaimed parrot
perches on a streetlamp
elucerates his anthem
off into the dark

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