“Crowned Sword” by Dominique Dupree

Allen Greenfield’s account of his own sex magickal experiments, with commentary on the history of the practices, connection to magickal lineages, and instructions on his own profound technique of ‘Scrying in the Flesh’ has been published in a new edition by Olav Phillips of Paranoia Publishing.

I am so pleased to have contributed an introduction to this unique resource for aspiring and practicing sex magicians. In addition to erudite history and commentary on the esoteric theory behind certain operations, Greenfield speaks quite frankly about the physical side of sex magic, as well as the social/romantic context in which these practices may be ethically pursued. Even if you are not drawn to practicing in the Western Esoteric tradition, you will find much explicit and very helpful information on how to prepare for and develop your own rituals, practicing sex magic for material ends as well as for knowledge of the self, and some insight into expecting the unexpected.

The reader will find ample material and inspiration in this volume with which to venture boldly forth!

The Grail Within: The True Quest for the Holy Grail and the Western Sex Magick Tradition” is available here.

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