Happy Episode 66! Sage couldn’t resist making this episode Satanism Part Two: Satan in religious history and demons that are related to Satan! For once, we put on our theology hats. We end up figuring out through this episode that Christianity is the root of a lot of our problems, and talk about other “entities” that are associated with Satan.

And then, conveniently, we decided to talk about snacks! Sam shared with us some of the edibles they’ve found at the dispensary recently. We talked about edibles that actually taste good, and how we need access to more vegan gummies! We also bitched about kids these days and how some will never know the Magic of the Mids.

Thanks for listening!

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A non-binary/queer witch, frying your brain like an egg, one episode at a time.

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Blogger and half of the Your Brain On Weird podcast. Lifelong weirdo and lover of nature, magic, and art. Sharing house and green witchcraft with a focus on creating safe spaces for home and community.