Happy Halloween! We know it isn’t October yet… But it feels like it! Get ready for some fun skeleton facts to make you feel a little uncomfy!

We were a little tired from our festivities this weekend, but we have some plant updates for you and then Sam told us a very weird story. We highly speculated about the Beast of Gévaudan and whether or not it’s a werewolf. This episode had a bunch of french names, including some professional wolf hunters! It’s good old 1700’s fun for the whole family!

Then we got super occult-y with this week’s edition of Meducation! Sage told us how we can contact the plant spirit through ritual, and walked us through all 7 steps. This ritual came from High Magick by Philip H. Farber, which we highly recommend for all your Weed Witchery!

Thanks for listening!

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A non-binary/queer witch, frying your brain like an egg, one episode at a time.

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Blogger and half of the Your Brain On Weird podcast. Lifelong weirdo and lover of nature, magic, and art. Sharing house and green witchcraft with a focus on creating safe spaces for home and community.