We’re back, this time with another Satanic icon that we certainly don’t want to mess with. Sam told us the legend of the Jersey Devil just in time for our road trip, so we will be stocking up on torches and pitchforks (and locking the doors at night). They also told us about a crazy conspiracy theory involving Ben Franklin that Sage could definitely subscribe to.

In between Sam’s story and our Meducation section, we discussed some weird things that have happened to us personally recently, including possible missing time and gifts from our bird friends. Then Sage told us 5 plants that are related to cannabis in a short section on cannabis botany!

Thanks for listening!

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A non-binary/queer witch, frying your brain like an egg, one episode at a time.

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Blogger and half of the Your Brain On Weird podcast. Lifelong weirdo and lover of nature, magic, and art. Sharing house and green witchcraft with a focus on creating safe spaces for home and community.