CW: brief mention of suicide, animal death

Welcome to Part Two of the Loch Ness Monster! We asked a few questions this episode, including: Is Nessie a shark? Short answer, no. But how sure of that are we? Maybe it’s just a supernatural entity summoned by Aleister Crowley at the Boleskine House. It could be an exploding log, an elephant that got left behind, or even a ghost of a dinosaur!

Then we ask the very important and relevant question: Is Weed Gay? Sam has the answers. (Short answer, yes) We discussed substance abuse in marginalized communities and why there’s not many older gay people.

For the end of Pride Month, we urge everyone to do some research on what the AIDS epidemic did to the queer community.

Happy Pride once again from us, and a reminder to be your most authentic self year-round.

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