We’re back and we’re halfway to 100!
Sorry in advance, y’all – this episode got a little heavy. But it’s the history of our country and we need to talk about it. So, this week Jess shared the story of Staunton, Virginia, the location of Western State Hospital and DeJarnette Sanitarium. A stop by this abandoned building on a hill lead to a discussion about discrimination and eugenics, basically towards anyone who was not cisgender, rich, or white. (Heads up, this is still happening.) We also touched on some of the legends that are told about this place, as well as the spirits that are said to have stuck around.
Sam added to the discussion with this edition of Meducation, where we discussed the short reign of “Canna-Bumps”, the 600mg THC powder that was meant to literally be snorted. We can’t even begin to talk about all of the things that were wrong with this idea…
Thanks for listening!

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