Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t listened to Sam’s episodes on the Estes Method, or are unfamiliar with it, go listen to episodes 34 and 36 first! This week Jess gave us a quick run-down on what automatic writing is as well as some fun things that have happened related to it throughout history. We then discuss how to do automatic writing and how we plan to incorporate it in future investigating!

Then, for Meducation this week, we talked about Purple Weed and why it’s not as special as everyone typically thinks.

Thanks for listening!

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A non-binary/queer witch, frying your brain like an egg, one episode at a time.

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Blogger and half of the Your Brain On Weird podcast. Lifelong weirdo and lover of nature, magic, and art. Sharing house and green witchcraft with a focus on creating safe spaces for home and community.