The US is filled with stories about witches terrorizing communities, and Michigan is no exception. Crysta and Kay give the run down on a few witch legends of Michigan. #NotAWitch

Below you will find links to our sources that we reference in the podcast, such as books, articles, and videos.


Ada Witch
2 Mile Rd NE, Ada, MI 49301; Sightings also within 3 mile radius: on Bailey Dr. and Honey Creek Rd., within Seidman Park.

Ghosts of Grand Rapids by Nicole Bray
Haunted Houses of Grand Rapids by Gary Eberle 

The Ada Witch: Fact or fiction?  
The Ada Witch of Findlay Cemetery  
Local freelancer Timothy J. Seppala goes in search of the Ada Witch and discovers an interesting tale 
The Ada Witch 
White Lady (ghost) – United States 

Ada Witch Hunt 2009 


Pere Cheney
Beaver Creek Township, Crawford County, MI 48653

Pere Cheney, Michigan 
Michigan’s Most Haunted the Witch of Pere Cheney Cemetery 
When hunting, you could even find a witch town 
Top 10 Witch Graves in the Midwest 
Pere Cheney the Most Haunted Place in Michigan 
Pere Cheney Cemetery 
The Witch Legend of Pere Cheney Cemetery 
Indian Trails Map 

The Astonishing Legends podcast also has tons of links and references. Episode 71: Pere Cheney – The Town That Disappeared 

Useful Links
Family Search 
Find A Grave 
Native American History, Art and Culture (Michigan) 
History of Michigan (War Paths 2 Peace Pipes) 
Native Americans in the Great Lakes Region (Michigan State University) 
Look into the Michigan Tribes (Central Michigan University) 

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