Ann Arbor may not be the biggest city in Michigan, but it is rife with history and ghost stories. Join us for the debut episode of Haunted Mitten, where we explore the spookier side of this busy college town. Below you will find links to our sources that we reference in the podcast, such as books, articles, and videos.

Special thanks to the Ann Arbor District Library and Elizabeth S. for aiding in our research.

A very special shout out to everyone at Crazy Wisdom, the owners Bill and Ruth, managers, current and former employees, and extended community. I (Crysta) have had so many doors open to me thanks to my time at both the Crazy Wisdom store and Crazy Wisdom Community Journal. Crazy Wisdom was the first place to feel like home after I moved to Michigan from California, a difficult time in my life. To those who have never visited Crazy Wisdom, do check it out and support this local bookstore and tea room. Personal plug: you can read my columns and articles on the Journal’s website or pick up a printed copy if you are local to Southeast Michigan.

Hoover Mansion
2015 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI

Leander J. Hoover Mansion, 1918
Farm ruins, restaurants, museums among haunted places around Ann Arbor
Mansion built in 1917-18 for Ball-Bearing Manufacturer Leander J. Hoover, 2015 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Gandy Dancer
401 Depot St., Ann Arbor, MI

Michigan Haunts: Public Places, Eerie Spaces by Jon Milan 

Gandy dancer (slang term) 
Ann Arbor station (Michigan Central Railroad) 
Farm ruins, restaurants, museums among haunted places around Ann Arbor 
The Gandy Dancer: ”The Finest Station” 
Retrospective: How Ann Arbor lost its historic train depot and why some want it back

Peter Brehm House
326 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI

Peter Brehm House, 1870 
The long, strange life of Ann Arbor’s 326 W Liberty 
Peter Brehm 1825-1873 
Stumbling on Skeletons in Old Odd Fellows Lodges

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room
114 S. Main St., Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor Area Ghosts by Mimi Uptergrove

Hutzel & Co. 
112-114 South Main Street, May 1952 
Hutzel Plumbing & Heating Company, Inc. About 
Crazy Wisdom: A new-age Ann Arbor staple since 1982 
Beloved Beer: Germans, Yankees, and Prohibition in Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Police, medical examiner investigating death of man found in Ann Arbor alley 
Urban Fairies Operations

Useful Links
Family Search 
Find A Grave 
Ann Arbor District Library Old News 

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